Waterbay will enable your family to live in luxury and style and these condos are a special place to live. So if you are looking at the real estate market and hoping to purchase a luxury condominium, you have come to the right place. If you want any information at any time, you can contact the real estate agents who are working with people who are looking to buy at Condo at Kingsford Waterbay.

At Kingsford Waterbay; the developers are just about ready to start construction. Once this occurs, the prices of these condos will go up. So you don’t want to miss your chance, take a look today at what Kingsford Waterbay has to offer.

Waterbay Serangoon

If you have children, rest assured that your kids will be safe as it is a very safe area where people walk everywhere, all the time. There are dozens of shopping centres where you can go shopping or your wife or girlfriend might want to. Greenwich Village and Fernvale Mall are close to the Kingsford Waterbay complex and these two shopping malls will provide you with whatever you need to shop for. This is such a great offer, you simply cannot miss out.

The condominiums at Kingsford Waterbay are luxury appointed condos and are designed with all the modern necessities. You will feel like a King owning one of these condos and your friends will be so jealous. This is because condo living is considered the ultimate luxury and very exclusive to some Singaporeans.

Upper Serangoon Waterbay

Buses are widely available and are located a few minutes from the complex. Your children and spouse will not need to walk a long distance for the bus and will be able to get the bus to school. Buses also come regularly, every few minutes, so if you were to miss the bus, another will be there within minutes. You can feel safe and relaxed here. There is security on site and no one will bother you. Buses will take you to the shops, and restaurants or an entertainment venue whenever you like.

Kingsford Waterbay

Living in a condo is a popular thing to do in Singapore. English expatriates often buy condos here too and feel like they are living in absolute luxury. People choose this life because of all the wonderful services and amenities that are right at your door in the complex. Such as swimming pools, many pools to swim in actually and BBQ areas and a playground for the children. There are clubhouses and function centers and the list goes on and on. Sometimes there is a criteria to buy into a condo complex, so people sometimes see condo living as exclusive and a luxury. You could cook a BBQ every night if you wanted to. Plenty of Australian people do this, especially when it is hot as they do not want to heat up their kitchen. You would have this option, living at Kingsford.