High Park Residences

Singapore developers will continue to be watchful and some may cut prices to move sales of the balance units. There is a new ruling which states that developers must sell their units within a certain time-frame prior to being fined by the local authorities.. New homes can also be launched in selective phases, to test market reaction for High Park Residences Condo.

SLP International predicts that project launches of 2014 will supply below 10,000 units, a sharp decline against the 15,885 units revealed a year ago and also 21,478 units in 2012. Looking at the transactions for High Park Residences, many will be expecting that the sales of High Park Residences will be off the charts as the prices are very low and buyers are limited by the TDSR. Anyway, we will have more info on the sales soon for High Park Residences condo.

High Park Residences Condo CEL

High Park Residences Condo

The new Science Center has gotten extended to finish as construction works were halted to reduce the requirement for construction workers, in accordance with early on reports. There will be more preparations with regard to Jurong during the many years to come, consisting of significant enhancements to the transportation networks near High Park Residences, that is to be implemented in phases.

Studies on High Park Residences condo reviews developer new project sales stayed flat this quarter at 84 units, in line with a newly released article from CIMB Bank, Singapore. High Park Residences together with The Citron Residences, sold over 10 percent with total units available because buyers during fresh product launches remaine price-sensitive for transactions at the city fringe.

High Park Residences

In an effort to easily sell more new High Park Residences units prior to TOP, various developers have resort to dangling savings to buyers & some discount rates can easily be as high as 20%. Urban Resort has decrease 17% off listed price tag in an effort to get rid of some of its units. The brand-new households in Punggol will certainly set to include new state of the art attributes that is friendly to the ecosystem yet at the same time is not going to compromise quality standard of living.

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Geylang is just about the last area within the city state in which any property or home buyer probably would look at mainly because of the bad image it has warranted due to its numerous massage shops and sleazy nightlife enjoyment shops for High Park Residences near Fernvale and Sengkang. The awful popularity shun numerous investors aside but this does not indicate that it is not a good idea to put money into Geylang mainly because several real estate property agents recognizes the location as an perfect choice investment homes other than the house which they stay themselves.